A city belongs to its citizens.


“If the pursuit of happiness is an unalienable right, then access to a happy life is the main purpose of cities.”


Citizens can often feel like bystanders to what happens (or doesn’t happen) in their city. We’re changing that.
Here’s how.

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Berman Rivera, Urban Agriculture Local Expert

“From organizing and coordinating concerted efforts that have seen accomplishments within the scope of crafting and passing local ordinances, maintaining support and continued interest from government and the local community at large, securing funding, and defining the best organizational framework for operations, City Makery has granted us a clear image of future possibilities.”


Karen Gaytan,

“City-Makery tools were critical in the creation of Laredo Film Society. Fueled by arts advocates and cinema enthusiasts, LFS was able to galvanize community enthusiasm and turn it into a space for cinema appreciation as a tool for community discussion. Without the understanding of the virtuous cycle, this would not have been possible. City-Makery provides a profound understanding of community engagement paired with the logistical know-how of how to turn vision into action.”


Wayo Garcia, Skateboarder

“City Makery provided us the structure to achieve our goal of bringing a durable and high-quality skate park to Laredo. Together we proactively built the solutions.

Our proposal resonated with City Council and the community. Engaging as advocates put us on the map and gave our skateboard community a voice.”