Past Projects

Projects that have paved the way to a better quality of life.


How It Works

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Many projects, one method.

We’ve developed a method that works. Fundamentally rooted in our philosophy to act with urgency and inclusiveness, the virtuous cycle of city-making can be applied to any quality of life issue, empowering citizens to work towards solutions and yield results.

Our advisory services are tailored to the circumstances and needs of a particular quality of life issue, while following our tried-and-tested method to success. Our virtuous cycle method consists of an iterative process, from assessing needs to post-implementation evaluations.

For example, our skateboard advocacy group discovered their specific objectives through an in-depth assessment of local data and industry research. Based on the evidence found, we developed a detailed proposal, ultimately yielding a project approved by City Council.

We act with urgency in order to capitalize on the momentum of a community, and we act with inclusiveness in order to build deep-rooted partnerships across the community and within private, public, academic and philanthropic sectors.


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